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Senior Immigration Lawyer
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Senior Immigration Lawyer
Bachelor of Laws
Bachelor of Commerce (BCom-LLB)

Muzhda is a Senior Immigration Lawyer and a Registered Migration Agent with years of professional experience working with two of the world’s leading immigration firms.

Muzhda provides assistance to individual applicants in a variety of areas including, Partner visas, Family visas, Australian Skilled visas, Visitor visas, Training visas, Resident Return visas, Bridging visas and Australian Citizenship applications.

Throughout her career in immigration, Muzhda has provided high-level strategic advice to companies of various sizes, ranging from multinational companies to start-ups, on their corporate immigration matters and compliance. This also includes regular training seminars on the rapidly changing Australian immigration laws and the creation of tailored templates and guides to simplify the immigration process.

Over the years, her clients included high profile multinational corporations in the Banking, Finance, Telecommunication, Information Technology, Media, Government, Engineering, Health Care, Sciences and Professional Services sectors.

Assisting her clients in obtaining an Australian visa, a new life, is a passion that is close to her heart and one of the reasons why she has chosen to dedicate her career to immigration law. She has experienced first-hand the opportunities available when moving to a new country, having migrated to Australia herself 29 years ago. Muzhda understands the importance and challenges involved with the Australian visa application process; the opportunities a visa provides are endless.

Her extensive immigration law experience, technical knowledge, cultural background, passion for immigration and leadership experience allows her to handle complex Immigration scenarios and strategically support clients to ensure the highest quality client experience. Muzhda has also gained considerable experience in the area of Estates law. Muzhda speaks English and Dari.

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