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Family Law

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Are you going through a separation or divorce? Are you concerned about you and your children? Are you aware of your rights?

Divorce and separation is a difficult and emotionally draining experience. At Hikma, we offer a personalised and supportive service to help you through your journey. Our family lawyers are experienced and professional. We take the time to explain the legal framework and guide you through every step.

Our friendly family law team will provide you with a comprehensive understanding of your particular family law problem; the avenues available to you for a speedy, cost-effective resolution; and strong advocacy and representation during negotiations, mediation and if necessary, at Court.

Our boutique legal practice enables us to make time for you, provide flexible appointments, fixed fees and answer your questions along the way. Let us help you.

We have expertise in all areas of family law including:

  • Separation and Divorce
  • Property Settlements for the Division of Family Assets
  • De-Facto Relationship Breakdowns
  • Financial Agreements
  • Parenting Issues and Arrangements for Children
  • Recovery and Relocation of Children
  • Alternate Dispute Resolution, Mediation & Arbitration
  • Family Law Court Representation
  • Domestic Violence and AVOs

Frequently Asked Questions

Separation and Divorce
Separation and Divorce
Domestic Violence and AVOs
Domestic Violence and AVOs

Separation and Divorce

Application for Divorce

Legal Requirements of a Divorce

Legal Objecting to a Divorce

Consent Orders

Net Property Pool


Future Needs

Just and Equitable Outcomes

Parenting Plans

Consent Orders

Family Dispute Resolution (FDR)

Parenting Orders

Domestic Violence and AVOs

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Additional Legal Services

Mediation & Family Dispute Resolution

Helping to resolve family disputes amicably through mediation, assisting in the preparation of binding orders or informal parenting plans.


Facilitating the legal processes of buying, selling and transferring ownership of property with comprehensive conveyancing services.

Estate Matters

Guiding executors through the complexities of estate matters, providing assurance and support from the grant of probate to the distribution of assets.


Expertise in drafting and updating wills, with a focus on the precise distribution of assets, the appointment of guardians and the respect of your wishes.

Immigration Law

Assisting with all facets of migration and visa applications, navigating the complexities of Australia's rapidly changing immigration laws.