Migration Law

Are you moving to a new country? Or are you in the process of bringing a loved one to Australia?

There are so many aspects involved when families or individuals decide to move to a different country. It’s an exciting time as you embark on a new journey filled with opportunities. However, the immigration process can often be an emotional and difficult journey due to the rapidly changing nature of Australian immigration law, the complex issues that may arise or the lengthy processing times.

Whether you are an individual wanting to migrate to Australia or a Business wanting to employ an overseas worker, we provide advice and assistance to help you understand the complex requirements for each visa application and work with you as your trusted Immigration partner.

At Hikma Legal, our Immigration team has extensive experience and knowledge in immigration law, gained from years of experience working with the world’s leading immigration firms. We provide support and day-to-day management on all your immigration related needs, working with you as your trusted partners.

Our mission is to ensure the entire process is smooth and stress-free as we understand how important the end goal of obtaining a visa is to you, your family or your business — the opportunities it can present are endless.

We recognise that every case is unique and pride ourselves on the personalised and tailored service we provide to suit your specific needs.

Client Testimonials

After going for two previous meetings with legal offices prior to talking to Wazhma at Hikma Legal, I felt very overwhelmed and very scared and emotional. Hikma Legal made my experience the best it could be in the circumstances, Wazhma was very empathetic to my situation and made things easy and streamlined for me and was very upfront about what to expect so that there wouldn’t be any hidden surprises. From the bottom of my heart, I’m so grateful I found them. Thank you so much. I would highly recommend this beautiful firm to any persons going through a legal crisis.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your representation over my case. You are not just lawyers but lawyers with soul and conscience. You were extremely professional and excellent communicators and you also show patience, compassion, understanding and dedication to your clients. It’s a pleasure to recommend the Hikma Legal team to anyone needing help and services.
I don’t know where to start in order to thank you and your firm. I will start by expressing my appreciation for standing by me and having faith. I didn’t just feel like a number or just another client, I felt like I was the only client at times, given the attention you set aside for my case. I know I will be experiencing challenges in the future but I know there will be people in the world that will help. That’s the reassurance that I feel now, thanks to Hikma Legal.